Youth offending will only get worse by abolishing the role of the Children’s Commissioner – Social Justice Aotearoa

Social Justice Aotearoa CEO Jackie Foster said, “Youth offending is out of control, and will only worsen if this labour government abolishes the Children Commissioners role”.

“We repeatedly focus on the children committing these crimes, but what needs to be happening is that we need to start focusing on the family structure, if any, that theses youth offenders are part of” Jackie said.

A well-structured family environment for all children is a basic right and need, and without that, things will never be right. Children need to feel loved, nurtured, respected and without those three vital rights, things get out of control quickly.

The Children’s Commissioner has a vital independent role in all of the above and we know she is working hard to give the troubled youth of Aotearoa the voice and help that they so desperately need, which once again highlights the concern we have with Carmel Sepuloni proposing to abolish the office and role of the children’s commissioner.

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