Young Brown Offenders remind us how dogmatic the rabid NZ right are

We like to poke the Woke over their slavish devotion to dogma, but let’s remind ourselves how dogmatic the rabid right in NZ are when it comes to young brown offenders.

Mark Mitchell’s suggestion to revoke the Police chase policy is probably the single worst thing we could do behind arming Police with heat seeking missiles. Kids pumped up on adrenalin being chased by poorly trained cops isn’t good social policy for Christ’s sakes!

The cry for harsher and tougher sentences under some delusional belief that all these kids need is the bash to sort them out is just so fucking crazy!

Most of these kids are already known to social services, we don’t need an over the top chase policy to catch teens we already know the identity of!

Better design with concrete blocks at shopping entrances and better social services are the solution here, not crazy tough on crime nonsense.

These ram raids are a symptom of a deeper societal malaise derived from the intense economic stress and psychological post trauma of the pandemic.

Firing up and demanding harsher responses and policing is the worst option.


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