Yes, of course we are mentally damaged from Covid – how it’s going to get worse

Research reveals COVID-19 disruption is damaging people’s mental health

New research has drawn a concerning link between the ongoing disruption of COVID-19 lockdowns and worsening mental health for our most vulnerable.

An international study has drawn a link between that disruption and declining mental health for those with a mood disorder.

Nearly 40 percent of people included in the study reported moderate to severe depression during our first lockdown in 2020.

“Up until now, we’ve never had quite such a dramatic event that’s changed large numbers of people’s rhythms,” researcher Richard Porter said.

Nearly 1000 people took part in the study from six different countries, with more than half the participants from New Zealand.

Half of the participants had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and the other half had depression.

The research showed that 12 percent of participants felt minimally depressed, 20 percent reported mild depression, 27 percent moderate depression, 21 percent moderate to severe and 18 percent severely depressed.

TDB has been pointing out for 2 years that after the immediate health impact of Covid and the economic carnage would be the mental health damage of isolation.

I think hate algorithms alongside the enormous mental harm caused by the forced isolation of this unique universal event is exploding in crime, domestic violence and self harm. I think the looming economic recession will be depression era levels of financial damage because of the supply side dynamics at play.

As bad as you think it is now, wait till we have a 10% inflation rate.

Desperate people are writhing in agony and going nuts.

Everyone has been impacted mentally by these unprecedented times and the true cost is yet to be felt.

That’s why the lack of any real progress on mental health is so concerning…

Andrew Little defends Government after report finds no change in access to acute mental health services despite $1.9 billion boost

Health Minister Andrew Little is defending the Government after a report found no change in access to acute and specialist mental health services despite a $1.9 billion funding boost. 

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission on Tuesday released its new report for 2022 which assessed what is working well, and what is not, in the mental health and addiction sector. It found no change in access to specialist mental health services in five years despite the Government’s huge cash injection in 2019. 

…after sinking $1.9billion into mental health. all Labour have to show is 5 extra acute beds.

I do not believe we are ready for this jelly.

Economic stress is going to put more pressure upon mental well being and a health system already at breaking point.

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