Yay! We punished a mentally disturbed loser, aren’t we big brave terrorist hunters!

Bay of Plenty man who threatened Māori convicted under hate speech laws

A Bay of Plenty man who recorded a violent tirade directed towards Māori has been sentenced under New Zealand’s hate speech laws – a prosecution believed to be only the second of its kind.

He is a mentally ill loser who was watching the likes when the cops came knocking.

Not exactly a terrorist mastermind.

This is the clown that the Māori Party demanded a Stasi for.

His videos were hunted down by woke Twitter activists who cried out a double standard over Police arresting those who threatened Simeon Brown and the slow arrest of a man who threatened the Maori Party.

Turns out Richard Jacobs has mental health issues.

Look, I hunted down and outed an actual online white supremacist who ran an Australian neoNazi website and back in 1997 on TV3 I tracked down West Auckland NeoNazis Unit88.

Richard Jacobs is a mentally ill loudmouth, he’s the least of our worries.

In the easily triggered world of woke intersectionist grief hierarchy, his videos are hate speech and deserving of cancellation, harassment and prosecution. In the world of actual intelligence analysis these videos would barely cause a ripple because they wouldn’t have been deemed credible as threats.

We already have the tools to catch and find white supremacist terror threats, what the woke activists believe however is that micro aggressions lead to macro violence so ANYONE who disagrees with them is a potential threat.

This is a masquerade of threat management. No one is made safer by this.

Aren’t we big brave terrorist hunters!

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