Yay the middle classes can get stoned! Labour’s solution is a $75 joint???

After fucking up the medicinal cannabis industry so that it’s exactly like the Supermarket duopoly, Labour have put the hard word on the industry to start providing actual flower bud to punters and so they”ve been quietly pushing their corporate solution – $75 joints!

You can get real cannabis from the doctor now

Hotu believes the price would put off anyone from faking an injury or a sleep disorder. He knows the weed he’s offering costs far more than it might on the street. Of the three strains he’s able to provide on the day I meet with him, prices range between $289 to $319 for 10 grams. (Three more strains should be available this week, and one of those, Kikuya, is approved for inhalation via a vaporiser.)

A $50 bag of weed is 3-4 grams, the prices the corporate venders are charging is way beyond what you get from the street.

It’s important for the middle class cannabis industry to pitch on middle class platforms like Spin-Off because they are the only societal elites who can afford $75 joints!

Hilariously they pretend that flower is to be consumed as a ‘tea’ and not smoked. That’s how you are being treated, like a fucking child.

Labour’s solution to medical cannabis has been to rig an industry for corporate interests (just like the Supermarket duopoly) and those interests state a joint is $75 so that the middle classes can enjoy a smoke without getting arrested, but fuck the working classes..

So while we are all very happy that once again the middle classes get their consumption of recreational drugs looked after, it’s the communities the pigs have always raided and smashed in their cannabis prohibition who are essentially still criminalised.

Just another Labour Party ‘solution’ masquerading as an actual solution.


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