Woke War against Comedians continues

U.S. venue cancels comedian Dave Chappelle’s show following backlash

A U.S. venue cancelled Dave Chappelle’s stand-up show just hours before he was due on stage on Wednesday, after critics lamented the scheduled gig following controversy over the comedian’s jokes about transgender people.

In a statement on its website, First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota said Chappelle’s show would moved to the city’s Varsity Theater, where the U.S. comedian is also due to perform on Thursday and Friday.

First Avenue had announced the Chappelle show earlier this week, drawing criticism on social media.

Chappelle drew a backlash last year for material in his Netflix comedy special “The Closer” that some in the LGBTQ+ community said ridiculed transgender people. His supporters viewed it as a cry against cancel culture. read more

The love affair the woke activist Left have with deplatforming and cancelling free speech seems to be bordering on kink fetish now.

This is what our activist base has become, a Twitter Lynch mob that group shames others into submission.

It is more important to the uber woke that Chappelle be cancelled than fighting poverty and climate change. Their war on comedians is a cultural battle because mockery poses an existential threat to their validity.

Censorship of Art denies space for criticism, the woke battle so hard to control speech because they understand the importance of narrative dominance via social media. Their activism identity is measured in likes and retweets within their echo chambers.

It’s a hollow market of performative theatre that gives too much endorphin hits to stop.

As populism rises and cultural backlashes manifest, this disconnect and polarisation will only grow.

When comedians have become our enemy, I think we have misdiagnosed who the threat is.


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