With Police accepting Mallard has made the protest impossible – will Wellington ANTIFA strike?

Parliament protest: Anger builds at police inaction as ‘significant’ weekend influx expected

Police are expecting a “significant” influx of new protesters to arrive in Wellington this weekend, as the occupation that began 12 days ago continues to expand, disrupting the lives of residents, businesses and government workers in the capital.

But Wellingtonians are increasingly questioning whether police can keep them safe from abuse and harassment after Commissioner Andrew Coster on Friday said that “de-escalation and negotiation” were the only safe ways to resolve the protest.

With NZ police finally admitting defeat because Trevor Mallard’s Thursday Stupid Thursday has radicalised too many protestors, the next flash point is the Wellington Antifa.

Will the Wellington Antifa take such a thing lying down?

I don’t think so.

Back in 2017, Wellington Antifa clashed with Nazi’s outside Parliament, and my guess is that they very well might step up where Police won’t.

The Press Gallery are so angry the police aren’t bashing protestors.

I can see the angry Wellington middle class rhetoric about every protestor being a Nazi exploding this weekend or next with an Antifa attack to smash cars and attack Convoy vehicles.

The problem when a Community is under threat is that the under threat Community strikes back even if the cops won’t.

This fiasco has been allowed to get out of hand thanks to Mallard.

The rhetoric on each side is toxic.

This remains a tinder box ready to blow.

Never rule out middle class Wellingtonians ability to make things far far far worse.

Running street battles in Wellington between Antifa and the protestors is exactly what we doin’t need.

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