Will Smith did not land on Chris Rock. Chris Rock landed on us!

Well, the good news is that they can’t say the 2022 Oscars were too white.

Will Smith – won’t swear in his rap songs but will smack the shit out of Chris Rock?

This isn’t progress.

There will be eternal analysis of the moment Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the face, there will be screeds written about toxic masculinity and how it is that Smith can assault someone and then get a standing ovation while winning an award.

Stuff.co.nz will be writing 10 times as many columns about male privilege, patriarchy and rigid gender roles than they currently write.


Personally I think we need to focus on the hero in this, Chris Rock, and let his calm reaction be a teachable moment for all men.

As men, we learn to live with the violence of other men from a very early age. Men die at the hands of other men, we learn pack dynamics and how to deal with those amongst us who lash out when angry.

The first true test of real masculinity is learning to take a punch and not escalate it.

I’m not saying you just get beaten up, of course you respond out of self defence if violence continues, but as men we’ve all had to learn to live with hot head males who speak with their fists, learning to not lose your shit and punch back if there is nothing more coming is what real men do.

That’s what Chris Rock did.

He didn’t punch back and that is the true test of a real man.

Will Smith did not land on Chris Rock. Chris Rock landed on us!

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