Why thousands of Kiwi’s will really leave vs Chloe Swarbrick’s reasons

Brain drain: Officials estimate 50,000 Kiwis could leave over the next year, but number could surge to 125,000

Government officials say up to 125,000 Kiwis could leave the country in the next year as borders reopen and young people flow overseas.

But they say a number closer to 50,000 is more likely – about as high as permanent migration of New Zealand citizens was in the early 2010s as New Zealand recovered from the Great Recession.

Kiwi citizens all but stopped moving overseas during the pandemic, with just 12,000 opting to in 2020, compared to 38,000 in 2019.

The advice on the possible impact of the border changes was prepared by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and estimates around 50,000 Kiwi citizens will opt to permanently move overseas in the next year.

They cautioned that there was significant uncertainty with the estimate, however. If all of the pent-up demand for Overseas Experiences (OEs) was unleashed in one year up to 125,000 Kiwi citizens would leave, causing significant workforce issues.

David Seymour got the numbers and of course used them to attack the Government…

ACT leader David Seymour obtained the paper from MBIE and said the solution was tax cuts.

“Rents are up, mortgage rates are on the rise, the cost of food is up, petrol is up, but wages aren’t keeping up. What is Labour doing to make this a more attractive country for young New Zealanders?” Seymour asked.

He suggested ACT’s policy to chop the 30% tax rate to 17.5% would keep more Kiwis at home.

Seymour compared New Zealand to Australia, where the average wage is higher.

…but then Chloe jumps in with this hot take…

Brain drain: Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick says Kiwis can’t expect young people to stay after ‘talking down’ to them for years

Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick says New Zealanders can’t expect young people to stick around as the cost of living increases and the border opens after “talking down” to them for years.

…well, m-a-y-b-e?

I mean, m-a-y-b-e after spending all day leading social media Lynch mobs destroying anyone who doesn’t conform to the Millennial language cults, m-a-y-b-e after a hard day of being alienating young people might feel the rest of society can’t stand their self-righteous joyless cancellations, and talk down to them.

Sure. Maybe, but I’m not sure tolerating Millennials latest social media tantrums and upgrading the bus services…

She said while New Zealand might not be able to compete with cities like London and Berlin, prioritising public transport would make our cities more attractive to youngsters. 

…is really going to be enough to keep NZers here.

Not one of Chloe’s better takes.

My suggestion is we follow the money!

Seymour has the audacity to suggest Australia will be luring Kiwis away with better conditions while barely mentioning that Australia has Fair Pay Agreements.

Th reason why Australia has such higher average wage than us is because we did 35 years of a neoliberal experiment in de-unionising our work force!

That has created a never ending race to the bottom in conditions here while making Australia look far more attractive!

Labour right now are trying to pass Fair Pay Agreements in NZ so that our workers can gain and force up wage bargaining so that people can see living here as a possibility rather than being economically driven off shore to Australia.

Hilariously ACT refuse to support a Fair Pay Agreement, the very instrument that makes Australia look so tempting to Kiwi workers!

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Original Source: https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2022/04/13/why-thousands-of-kiwis-will-really-leave-vs-chloe-swarbricks-reasons/

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