Why the protestors are wrong and why I support Jacinda 100% over Covid

I have been highly critical of the feral lunatics protesting on Parliament’s Lawns and urged them to vote for me in their Nuremberg hanging rankings.

I have been highly critical of how Trevor enflamed this feral lunatic protest.

I have defended Police inaction because the right to protest in a liberal progressive democracy is sacrosanct.

I have pointed out that if we on the Left had been transformational on poverty, housing & inequality over the last 4 years – then we wouldn’t have the lumpenproletariat hurt, furious and manipulated by the far right!

It’s easier to scream NAZI instead off challenging the neoliberal economic hegemony that is now woking in favour of the Middle Class Marxists that populate the woke managerial class of Wellington.

I’ve been withering in my criticism of the Middle Class Marxists who see Nazi Monster Vampires every time they close their eyes.

Let me be as equally crystal clear and damning as I can be in regards to the demands made by the anti-mandate lumpenproletariats.

Get fucked you lunatics.

I have yet to see one interview with a protestor that after a terrible & painful personal mandate experience – that truly pulls at your heart strings – that then doesn’t veer off into some crazy demented conspiracy theory- there is no doubt this misery is being manipulated.

Of course we all want mandates lifted and we don’t want you anti-vaxxers to feel excommunicated from your homeland. As soon as the public health reasons as to why we have all collectively curtailed our civil liberties are no longer required, of course Jacinda is going to lift them!

This mindset that somehow Jacinda is part of a shadowy Nazi Government that will make vaccines mandatory and hold down children and adults to forcibly inject them is a feral lunatic lie that is as evil as it is false.

Jacinda Ardern has done a fucking remarkable job in keeping its safe and not dead.

The fucking stats speak for themselves, we have one of the lowest death and hospitalisations rates in the World, and that’s because of her courageous leadership.

Now I will criticise Labour all day until I am blue in the face over their lack of transformation on issues like poverty, housing and climate change, but I simply refiuse to accept that their handling of Covid deserves this kind of false narrative and bad faith lies to vilify a oncer in a generation leader  who has saved this damned country from a terrible once in a. century plague.

There is much that divides us as a people now, but something as clear and concise as Labour’s response to Covid deserves our collective good will and our support.

That isn’t to say that the brand stroke policies haven’t hurt people and have at times been infuriating inn their application, and I acknowledge that many on that lawn have been victims of that broad stroke policy.

I don’t deny your pain, I deny your conclusion, your reasoning and your basic sentence structures.

We need mandates to end because there is no reason to keep them in place the moment there isn’t a public health emergency and with Omicron in NZ just starting, we sure as Christ aren’t ending them today.

I stand with Jacinda’s handling of Covid, like most reasonable NZers do, while standing for the right of protest while disagreeing with the demented logic of feral lunatics on Parliament’s lawn while ruthlessly mocking Middle Class Marxists in Wellington who are demanding the Police bash everyone who triggers them.

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