Why Luxon’s guarantees over Trump’s Abortion tactics in NZ are meaningless

In the same week Trump’s rigged Supreme Court allowed concealed weapons, in the same week he is on public trial for his attempted coup, in the same week that rigged Court banned abortion, the true toxic nightmare of Trump’s Orange racism is laid bare.

The Right Wing Christian Scum have won, Ovaries are more regulated than guns in America.

How wide eyed and puritanical with the blood of the lamb do you need to be, to rip away the right to abortion that impacts millions upon millions all on the technicality that Abortion shouldn’t be under the ‘privacy’ provision of the Constitution.

We like to mock the woke on TDB for their dogma, take a moment to appreciate how fanatical these fucking Right Wing Christian Scum are.

Immediately this is how our Right Wing Christian Scum reacted when they heard the news that Trump’s rigged Supreme Court malice had won…

…this was followed by Matthew Hooton who understands National has to keep their anti-abortion banjo twanging rural rednecks without spooking all their urban female vote…

…which predictably led to this hollow nothing from Luxon…

…here’s why Luxon’s words ring so hollow.

Here are the rigged Supreme Court Judges saying the same bullshit when they were challenged during their confirmations….

…they all lied because they are all Christina and they know that little white lies to conquer for the power of Christ are acceptable.

Luxon is an evangelical prosperity Christian who believes he has his 7 properties because he has the blessings of Jesus. If his magical flying invisible wizard friend tells him too save the unborn babies, who do you think Luxon will listen to? His spiritual saviour Christ or the Press Gallery?

You can’t trust anything these Right Wing Christian Scum say because they answer to a higher power than the NZ Herald!

The NZ Anti-Abortion community have already taken the American verdict as a sign from God to redouble their efforts here, those National voters and sub 5% threshold Christinas will rush to Luxon and beg him for change, and here’s what National/ACT is likely to give them.

The smart ones inside National will know they can’t ban abortions, even the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind would balk at that madness, but they can bribe their anti-abortion banjo twanging rural rednecks with the following – National/ACT will reverse the provision for anti-abortion protestors to have to stand across the road if protesting Abortion clinics.

ACT attempted to stop that provision because they argued it impinged on free speech, and National didn’t want the whole issue in the first place, so instead of making Abortion illegal, National and ACT will flirt with anti-abortion banjo twanging rural rednecks and give them the right to scream into women’s faces as they walk past them into the abortion clinic.

This is what we is now, pandering to the ignorance of religious bigotry so their lies and deceits are given solace while our fellow sisters lose autonomy over their own bodies.

I for one am sick to death of the Right Wing Christian Scum impacting our politics and pretending that’s acceptable. They did it with the cannabis referendum, they did it at the Parliamentary Lawn dumb lives matter riots and they insidiously will be attempting it with the right to scream at women seeking abortions.

Christopher Luxon answers to his magical flying invisible wizard friend first before he answers to the people of this land.

You can not believe a Handmaid’s Tale level anti-abortionist any more than you could just those four judges.

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