Why Jacinda should sack Carmel Sepuloni over Children’s Commissioner fiasco

This is the most outrageous capitulation to the Wellington Bureaucracy and Carmel Sepuloni should be sacked immediately!

As TDB has been arguing for sometime, this decision to amputate the Children’s Commissioner from oversight on OT has been driven by a despicable pubic service desperate to cover up their abuse of children and it should be spat upon with the most toxic venom we have!

Children’s Commissioner Frances Eivers accuses select committee of ignoring advice

Children’s Commissioner Frances Eivers has slammed Parliament’s social services select committee for failing to reverse a bill effectively dismantling the position of Children’s Commissioner.

After the horror of the Royal Inquiry into historic state abuse, the Ministry of Social Development wants to remove the Children’s Commissioner as oversight of Oranga Tamariki and instead roll such monitoring into the Education Review Office.

In the decades that ERO was monitoring Dilworth, they never picked up that some of the teachers were molesting their students so critics are concerned that a state agency with the power to take children from parents will have less oversight is deeply concerning. Surely Oranga Tamariki requires more oversight, not less?

MSD in the 2000s oversaw obscene tactics that included hiring private detectives to dig dirt on victims who were complaining about being abused in state care in a Test case that if MSD had lost would have cost the State untold in damages. State Services is now recommending any abuse inside Oranga Tamariki is now monitored out of the Education Review Office who have no skill in this area!

Why is the state allowing itself to cover up ongoing abuse?

Oranga Tamariki is a Frankenstein monster, a neoliberal welfare experiment conjured up by Bill English and big data.

The argument is that children from backgrounds with specific features were the worst in terms of cost to the state, so if the state stepped in and removed the children quickly enough, that cost will fall.

To do this they passed law reducing the legal rights of parents, streamlined their 0800 numbers and weaponised uplifts.

They also ensured that people with children taken from them are ineligible for legal aid so they couldn’t fight back legally.

Oranga Tamariki has always been about saving the State money and the welfare of the child is secondary to that isn’t it?

Carmel Sepuloni has merely rubber stamped this attempt to future proof the state from holding abusers to account, and Jacinda should sack her as Minister!

These Labour MPs are nothing but gutless quislings for the Wellington Bureaucracy!

Fucking disgraceful!

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