Why it’s all over for James Shaw & how The Greens will chose to blow that

The latest act of incrementalism by James Shaw in his fight with Greenpeace over reducing cow herds will seal Shaw’s fate as co leader…

Greenpeace Incredulous Over James Shaw’s Dairy Denial – Greenpeace

Greenpeace has taken aim at the Minister for Climate Change and co-leader of the Green Party, James Shaw, over his recent comments regarding cow numbers in New Zealand.

Greenpeace has been increasingly critical of Shaw over recent months, but things have escalated following Shaw’s Parliamentary question time denial of the need to reduce cow numbers.

…you can’t offend Greenpeace this much and get away with it as the co leader of the Greens. It would be like the CTU punching Minister of Work Relations Michael Wood in the face and burning his portrait of Phil Goff.

There’s no coming back from that politically.

This works out for the Greens who have spent 2 and a half years struggling over how to get rid of James and what to do with their co leadership model.

The Greens are about to politely take James Shaw out and vote in new rules that will create a non-binary co-leadership model set up to allow Chloe to become co-leader, the perception that the Greens are just a Feminist party with some environmentalism thrown in could cause the Green Male vote to either transfer on mass to Labour, or be tempted by Winston’s machismo, Christian Lex Luthor’s eager Dad routine or stand up comedian David Seymour’s sick burns.

At a time when more women’s voices in positions of power have had platform and at a time when male identity has been so ruthlessly critiqued in open social media, a political cultural backlash is brewing and it will be anonymous incel Troll on 4chan nasty.

Gender and all the culture war fun that brings will be a central fault line that erupts as the economic pressure really bites.

The Greens will herald their non-binary co-leadership model as progress, the wider electorate will see it as emblematic of a woke dogma that alienates far more than it can recruit at a time of peak economic anxiety.

Pure temple politics is fine until all the people you’ve denied into the temple are far larger than you can ever hope to be.

James will go, the new non binary co-leadership model will be adopted, 10 000 people will like it on Twitter and it will lead to the Greens limping home with 7% in 2023.

It just hurts all the time being a Green Party voter now.


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