Why is the focus on sacking Shaw when Marama Davidson should go?

Look, Shaw has been an incremental disaster when it comes to the climate crisis, but why all the focus on him and not Marama Davidson?

Last night on TVNZ 6pm News, the facts were very fucking clear.

In 2017 Kiwis living in cars was a huge political issue.

In 2017 there were 108 referrals of rough sleepers and people living in their cars to MSD.

TVNZ reports that there are now just under 500 referrals of rough sleepers and people living in their cars.

Who is the Minister for Homelessness?

Marama Davidson.

Marama claims the only reason it is so much worse now is because they do a better job at counting the homeless.

If the Minister could put as much effort into housing the homeless as she does counting them, we’d have this whole poverty issue solved!

It isn’t just Shaw who has been hopeless, Marama shares that ineptitude.

It is outrageous that so many are still living in hopelessness while a Green Minister is in charge.

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