Why didn’t Labour & Greens see the problem with Tamati Coffey’s proposal & Rawiri attacking David Parker’s “caucasity” probably isn’t helping

Changes likely for Rotorua’s election bill amid concern it’s undemocratic

A controversial bill which introduces specialist seats to the Rotorua District Council, with a focus on increasing Māori representation, is likely to face changes after the attorney-general​ said it presented an unjustified disadvantage to non-Māori.

Tāmati Coffey, the Labour MP who sponsored Rotorua District Council’s bill, said the council was considering the attorney-general’s concerns and was speaking to the Ministry of Justice about potential fixes.

The bill would see Rotorua District Council comprising 10 councillors and the mayor. Of the 10 councillors, three would be elected by voters on the Māori roll and another three would be elected by voters from the general roll. The other four, and the mayor, would be elected by the voters at large.

The concern is that of Rotorua’s residents, the general roll has more than double the number of voters than the Māori roll – at 55,600 to 21,700 voters.

I think the Rotorua Council redesign of 1-person-1-vote value democracy RIGHT WHEN Labour are trying to deflect right wing claims that co-governance creates special privilege for Māori is the kind of political incompetence that would see you unable to get laid in a monkey brothel wearing a banana suit.

I mean come on!

Greens and Labour all voted for it on first reading! What part of 21700 on the Māori vote equals almost 55600 on the general roll didn’t they appreciate?

I fear the tiny Wellington bubble world of militant pronoun signalling and Te Reo pronunciation correcting snark is a tad rich for the blood of most Kiwis.

They will not understand why 21 700 get the same say as 55 600.

They will suspect ACT and National are correct when they hint at some secret collusion to rob them of something intangible like representation on the local fucking council!

Rawiri attacking David Parker’s probably isn’t helping either

Attorney-General David Parker deeming the Rotorua Lakes District Council’s proposed Māori ward restructure is discriminatory has earned him a rebuff from Waiariki MP Rawiri Waititi.

Waititi, the Māori Party co-leader, has accused Parker of “caucasity” for his comments over the District Council Representative Arrangements Bill, which would give 21,700 Māori roll voters three seats – the same number as the 55,600 general roll voters. 

…at a time when Polls suggest the Māori Party might be Queenmaker, Rawiri might think about how attacking David Parker is just giving National and ACT ammunition, but that would require a level of strategy beyond yelling ‘bingo’.

Hilariously it is actually David Parker’s caucasity that Rawiri should be appealing to rather than denigrate.

One person one vote is an important value in Democracy, B-U-T it’s not the only value!

Rawiri just needs to look at the rich history and tradition of white democracy to win David over!

We already have one person two votes in NZ for MMP.

In America the Senate isn’t one person one vote, neither is the Electoral College!

Even in England, the home of our Westminster system, they have an Upper House with the House of Lords!

There are plenty of examples of Rawiri’s hated caucasity that actually support his desires for a democratic process that enhances and enshrines broader values of democracy beyond one-person-one-vote.

If he wasn’t so busy denouncing them, maybe he’d learn something from the caucasity of Western Democracy.

The Māori Party needs John Tamihere’s leadership right now and the Greens and Labour have got to stop shooting themselves in the foot every 5 minutes! Willie Jackson has kicked the issue to touch, but this could have been handled far better and sold using exisiting examples from other Democracies.

This was a needless forced error.

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