Why common law sheriffs must never be tolerated in NZ

‘Common law sheriff’ speaks out about group’s attendance at Anzac Day service

A “common law sheriff” accused of “hijacking” an Anzac Day service held at Paraparaumu, says the group had no intention of upsetting those in attendance.

Ricky Cribb​, was one of about nine people sworn in as a member of the so-called ANZ sheriffs movement following the Monday morning service in the Kāpiti Coast town.

The group’s presence at the service and brief speech at the end led several attendees to walk out and has drawn sharp criticism from the national president of the Returned and Services’ Association.

However, Cribb denied the group had any political intention in attending other than paying their respects.

Fuck off!

Fuck off!

and a third, Fuck off!

These common law sheriff freaks must never, ever be tolerated at any event!

These feral lunatics are one step away from Brown Shirts and must not be accepted in any sense. They must be mocked mercilessly any time they attempt to turn up anywhere.

They are Qanon inspired fuckwits who believe that the NZ Government is actually a corporation and as such has no power over them.

They believe that once sworn in, common law sheriffs have the right to use any violence and any force necessary to ‘keep the peace’, including hanging politicians for imagined crimes against humanity.

They are worse than vigilantes because at least vigilantes have some type of basic law and order philosophical infrastructure, these nutters have none of that and are totally subjective in what they think they can and can’t do.

We must ruthlessly mock these pretend soldiers in their pretend war and no one should allow them to join any of our protest movements.

If you see a common law sheriff at any event, left wing or right wing, they must be immediately targeted and laughed at.

They are crypto-fascists and we will not tolerate these lunatics infecting NZ any more than Qanon madness already has.

I’m not suggesting violence against these morons, but mocking them to their faces is absolutely required.

They are losers of the highest order.


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