Why are we helping our Chinese Economic Overlords?

Wait, what?

NZ-China Free Trade Agreement upgrade coming into effect in April

New Zealand’s Trade Minister last week met with his Chinese counterpart to agree that an upgrade to our Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China will come into effect in April. 

Damien O’Connor says the upgrade, signed in January 2021 but which has now been ratified by both countries, is a “significant step” and will assist with New Zealand’s economic recovery from COVID-19. 

Yay, more raw materials will be taken from NZ with no significant manufacturing of the fginoished goods only so China can sell it back to us as a finished good!

Right when we acknowledge that our Chinese Overlords are malicious and running concentration camps and abuse human rights with a regularity you can set your Taiwanese made watch by, here we are for another economic cuddle?

We need to see our economic decoupling from China as a national security issue.

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