Why are we allowing Australia off the hook for their own racist refugee policy?

Australia agrees in principle to take NZ’s refugee offer

Australia says it has agreed in principle to New Zealand’s almost decade-old offer to resettle 150 offshore refugees a year from Australia. However, New Zealand says despite recent discussions – “we’re not quite there yet”.

9 years after making the offer, Australia wants to take us up on it do they?

The same country that continues to degrade our citizens in their country by refusing them the same rights we give their citizens here?

The same country that forces 501s back into our country to start a gang war?

The same country that continues to treat immigration as some sort of political toy and continues to dehumanise people?

We offered to take the refugees they abuse in the hope that it might change things in Australia, 10 years after the offer’s been made they want to take us up on it?

Get fucked!

Why should we help Australia off the hook they made and sharpened?

Why allow such a racist country who treats our citizens with contempt and is currently fuelling our gang war by forced renditions of their criminals to dump their refugee problem here on us?

The offer made in good faith 9 years ago was in the hope of triggering some level of shame in the Australians so that they would stop treating people like this, to now try and use it after they’ve spent the last decade getting worse is an audacity too far.

Tell the Aussies they’re dreamin!

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