Why are the number of people playing games across all devices rising?

Recent reports suggest that most people in New Zealand love gaming and this is also something you can also see globally. One of the fastest-growing niches within this industry is online casino gaming. When you look at the figures around gaming in this way across all devices, this becomes clear. 

Mobile casino play, for example, is pegged to be worth $71bn currently and expected to hit $153bn by 2027. Recent figures estimate that the number of people who gamble on online casino games regularly worldwide is now around 26%, and this is not only on mobile devices, but also desktop computers. 

New Zealand, in particular, seems to have discovered a love for gaming in this way lately. But why is gaming across all devices becoming popular – both in general and in New Zealand? 


Why is the number of people playing games going up globally? 

When you see that the global online gambling sector was worth around $30bn in 2010 but shot up to $72bn in 2021, it is clear to see the growth of online casino games. But why is this happening? 

The first thing to note is the rising amount of safe and easy to access internet casinos to game at. VIPCoin Casino is a prime example of what the best internet casinos offer, and crypto casino sites such as this even enable you to use digital cash to play with. 

In addition, modern online gaming sites enable you to have fun from any device – be it desktop or mobile. This helps explain why the number of people who like to game online has gone up across all devices. It is also key to note that the fun that gaming offers is appealing to people, as is the convenience that enjoying casino games in this way brings. 


Why are there more New Zealand gamers now? 


There seems no doubt that the number of people who enjoy playing casino games online regularly in New Zealand has risen over recent years. But why is this? 

The easy access to regulated offshore casino sites helps, as does the decision by the New Zealand government to not penalize gamers for using them. The lack of land-based casinos for people in New Zealand to visit might also help explain why online casinos have found so much favour. You must also consider how playing fun games offers a welcome distraction from serious events such as the March 2022 Wellington protests

When you take all this into account, the rise of gaming locally is no surprise. As the future looms into view, it would certainly not surprise you to see gaming become even more popular in the country.


Original Source: https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2022/03/09/why-are-the-number-of-people-playing-games-across-all-devices-rising/