Why are Japanese import cars good for NZ?

Japanese used cars New Zealand holds up to 60% of the registration of the total imports of vehicles in the country, it was reported by Driven. Japan since the secondworld war is providing the world with supreme quality vehicles. 

Kiwis had different opinions on vehicles, after the importation of Japanese vehicles. The perception changed. Furthermore, Japan became the fifth largest import partner of NZ with more than $347 million in trades. It means that New Zealand doesn’t only import, but export to Japan. 

It is a haphazardly beating heart and adrenaline rush after purchasing your first car and seeing it outside the doorstep. With that said, Japanese cars are most purchased all around the globe. 

Japanese used cars New Zealand have a great reputation and popularity among enthusiasts drivers of the country. 

Let’s see what the benefits are of owning a Japanese vehicle in New Zealand. 


The Japanese used cars are inexpensive. That is one of the main reasons why people purchase it today. Moreover, Japanese car earlier owners must go through an inspection process, which is costly. That is why they sell it as early as possible. 

The inspection is known as a Shaken test,which is approximately 100k Japanese YEN per inspection. The cars must be according to the rules and policies of Shaken inspection test, or else, the vehicle won’t pass through. 


As we mentioned about Shaken inspection test, that is why most of the car’s quality-wised perfect. Japanese used cars in New Zealand are not only affordable but a perfect road combo. 

Cars like Mazda RX7, Honda Integra, and Mitsubishi Lancer evolution in the late 2000s have a certain impact on the New Zealand vehicle market. 

Numerous Stock 

The Japanese car market has a variety of stocks available. With that, Kiwis can choose whatever they desire. Moreover, you can either opt for auction or directly consult the exporter. Make sure to communicate well with your trader and clear your doubts. 

Furthermore, the trader must be reliable and trustworthy. Check the past reviews, addresses, and landline numbers. 

Spare parts and maintenance 

You’ll often find anyone maintaining a Japanese car right after they buy it. Moreover, the workshops in New Zealand are aware of Japanese cars. They are pretty experienced in fixing up the issues of these vehicles. 

The Japanese new and used cars population have grown in the country, as the spare parts, too. You won’t have to import any spare parts; they are easily available in any workshop. 

Rules and Regulations for Importation of Japanese used cars 

  • You must have proof of ownership of the vehicles, otherwise, you can’t drive them on the roads. 
  • Only right-hand vehicles are permitted; however, the rule is not for special vehicles such ambulances, etc. 
  • Your car must have a fuel consumption certificate. 
  • Your car must meet all the indispensable standards implemented by the Government of New Zealand. 

Dunedin, Napier, Wellington, and Auckland are some of the major shipping ports of NZ.