Why allowing bosses more migrant labour could start unemployment explosion in NZ

What is most concerning decision makers right now is the bleak future consumers and producers are predicting DESPITE wages being high and unemployment low.

It hints that the last 14 years of central banks printing money to offset a global financial collapse in 2008 has built a hollow illusion of growth that collapses in upon itself the millisecond normal financial parameters are attempted.

The ocean of debt is about to find true gravity as interest rates are forced up in a desperate attempt to stop supply side inflation dynamics, which of course will only make the situation worse.

Right now nursing and hospitality are screaming to throw open the immigration flood gates to allow offshore labour to prop up their exploitation models.

Nursing requires cheaper offshore options and hospitality is built upon exploiting overseas backpackers.

If the Government cave into these demands, the unemployment rate will suddenly explode as multiple industries fall back on cheaper labour options and they sack kiwi workers for cheaper offshore options.

In 2019, 4million tourists visited NZ as part of our exploitative hyper tourism industry – those numbers will never come back while China’s zero covid policy stands and while new Covid variants sweep around the world.

Hospitality servicing hyper tourism is dead and if we are to make real progress on more teachers, nurses and Drs, we need to offer free education in return for bonding their service post graduation.

If Labour give into demands for open immigration, the unemployment rate will explode alongside the rentals market and the Government will face the worst of all words for quick fix immigration solutions that will make things worse!

If National win 2023, they will simply implement John Key’s pump and dump policy of open door immigration to inflate growth rates while causing enormous stress on the groaning underfunded infrastructure and send rents soaring. This will cause enormous social dislocation and a rise in race relation tensions.


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