Who would open immigration flood gates fastest? National? ACT? Greens? 

We need degrowth Capitalism using Think Big Economic Sovereignty to make NZ sustainable.

What we get offered up is globalist free market mantra. Both National and ACT (and to a lesser degree the Greens) see throwing open the immigration flood gates as the solution to tepid GDP growth.

It’s what Key did for 3 terms and it inflated GDP while causing infrastructure gridlock and skyrocketing rents.

ACT and National point to the labour shortage pain crippling our economy and pretend importing cheaper labour is the solution when that was the problem in the first place!

We are addicted to hyper tourism, property speculation and a low wage economy by using international labour flows.

We have become so blinded by free market mythology we refuse to acknowledge short sighted lazy immigration and a user pays view of essential services has caused the issues we have now!

We are addicted to a low cost labour force and force our domestically trained teachers, nurses and Drs offshore to repay the student loans we saddle them with!

The bitter harvest of user pays is biting us now and all the right have to offer as a solution is more cheap labour!

That’s no longer a solution in a world beset by geopolitical shockwaves, that flow of human capital is now shellshocked and amputated. Supply chain shut down alongside soaring costs will limit travel to the wealthiest.

The Greens mumble about sustainable population rates but are culturally held hostage to migrant rights above all so while less economically chained to using foreign labour to drive down wages, they are identity politics wise bound to open migration.

Increasingly Isolationism becomes a more demanding reality, this is NZ First political territory and if articulated by Winston could have enormous political milage at the ballot box.


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