Who is to blame for the AntiVaxx madness we saw in Wellington?

89.3% of NZ has been vaccinated – these thousands of miscreants protesting Parliament with such underserved smug delusions do not represent the vast majority of us – they are the political conclusion of poor public education and welfare services alongside algorithms of hate.

They wouldn’t know what to do with ‘freedom’ if they got it.

Tino rangatiratanga and MAGA flags?

This is the most intellectually confused fuckwittery I’ve ever witnessed in NZ politics!

So who is to blame for this insanity?

National and ACT have been flirting with this extremism for at least 12months so some of their rhetoric must be challenged in light of this weeks crazy.

But that’s a surface issue the deeper focus must be on the toxic cocktail of underfunded pubic services, Facebook Hate Networks and an underclass of New Zealand made desperate by poverty.

These are people on the fringes, who are already down and it’s important to remember that more people vaccinated themselves on the same day as the entire country of protest.

We have lost the language of empathy and have seen the limitations of the doomsday capitalism we are enslaved by. We have forgotten the colours and the art and the bonds of our solidarity as Governments scramble to protect the health of those willing to follow the science while amputating those who won’t.

This plague had a tiny mortality rate – how can we cope with something far more lethal?

How are we going to deal with catastrophic climate events if we can’t handle staying at home for 3 months?

How can we work together when we have become so divided?

Reading the litany of confused protest signs emblazoned with swastikas didn’t make me angry, it made me pity them.


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