Where and How Military Singles Can Find Soulmates in New Zealand: 5 Useful Tips

Meeting military singles in New Zealand isn’t easy because the whole country has around 7000 soldiers. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to start a relationship with soldiers in New Zealand. Many local military members are single, but thousands more visit New Zealand every year. Some of them wouldn’t mind settling down in our beautiful country. Or at least meeting someone to start dating. Tips from this article are helping local and visiting military singles find soulmates. Locals might find some of the tips silly, but after thinking about it, they’ll realize those are the best ways for meeting new people in New Zealand.


Local Niche Sites

We’ll start with the most popular way of meeting new people today. Not just in New Zealand, but in the whole world. Public opinion about online dating shifted in the last couple of years, so nowadays, everyone has a profile on at least one dating site. However, most soldiers and singles who’d love to date them don’t know there is a site especially for them. Local niche sites are a blessing because they connect people with the same interests and intentions. Singles browsing profiles on the local military singles aren’t there because they want to start dating soldiers. That gives military members an advantage. They can pinpoint members living in New Zealand with a location filter. Bonding through messages and photos in chat before getting to New Zealand ensures soldiers have dates once they arrive. Many soldiers use dating sites to kill time when off duty in the base. They don’t expect to fall in love, but love doesn’t ask; it just happens.


Staying in Hostels

Hotels are great because they provide privacy, but being alone isn’t a way to meet new people. The chances of military guys meeting their soulmates while checking into hotels in New Zealand are slim. But hostels are a different story. Strangers sleep in the same room. It’s impossible to avoid conversation (without attracting weird looks). Chatting with roommates helps everyone relax, and sometimes soulmates find each other in crowded hostel rooms. Local soldiers or singles seeking military members from other countries can use this strategy too. Booking a bed in a popular hostel will lead to meeting new people. Will those people be single military members? It’s impossible to know for sure.


Taking Sightseeing Tours

Going on shared tours is another way for military singles to seek their soulmates in New Zealand. Take Auckland City Sights Morning Tour as an example. It lasts 3 hours, and it’s on a bus. That’s enough time to break the ice and start small talking with someone from the group. Many travelers exchange contacts on such tours and meet again. We mentioned a relaxing city tour. But if you’re into wine, you can seek soulmates on wine tasting tours. Wine is a tasty fuel that could start a spark of love.


Bars And Clubs, the Same As Everywhere

Like anywhere else in the world, singles in New Zealand like spending time in bars and clubs. They don’t necessarily go there to get dates, but most have nothing against meeting new people. Don’t smother them with local politics, weather, or too much military stuff, and you’ll meet a couple of potential partners. Discovering if any of them is your soulmate will be exciting.

A couple of the most popular bars and clubs for singles in New Zealand to help you plan (more on the official NZ site):

  • Ink Bar at 268 Karangahape Rd
  • Impala at 7 Shortland St
  • Ding Dong Lounge at 26 Wyndham St
  • Mexican Cafe 110 Lichfield Street, Christchurch


Visit Dunedin City

Military members seeking soulmates can meet potential partners anywhere in New Zealand. However, one city gives them better chances than the rest. Dunedin City is a famous university city which means it’s full of young singles looking for dates. More than 40% of people living in Dunedin are single. Numbers don’t determine everything, but it’s good to have them on your side, so think about visiting Dunedin City.