When National say they ‘care’, they mean the upper middle classes – not the poor

National’s Nicola Willis accuses Government of ‘failing the squeezed middle’ as consumer confidence hits record low

National Party deputy leader Nicola Willis is accusing the Government of “failing the squeezed middle” as consumer confidence hits a record low. 

The latest ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence survey published on Friday shows that consumer confidence dropped even further in March to reach a fresh record low in data that began in 2004.  

The report highlights the “perfect storm” of the COVID-19 Omicron outbreak, rising living costs due to three-decade high inflation sparked by supply chain constraints and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a retreating housing market, and rising interest rates.

National want to make one thing very clear, they don’t give two shits about the actual poor in NZ, they care about their version of the ‘middle classes’.

Those middle classes who have become terribly accustomed to their property values increasing by double figures annually, THOSE are who National wants to love.

National don’t actually want the smelly poor people voting for them because those smelly poor people might want National to do something about their economic distress and pain, and that’s the trouble Jacinda and Labour have gotten into.

Voters expected ‘Transformative’ change from Labour and instead got a definition of the word ‘transformative’ that wasn’t actually transformative.

National won’t make that mistake.

They will talk about the ‘squeezed middle’ from now until the 2023 election because a cost of living crisis catches up too many working poor and their pain gets zero relief from National.


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