What Is Cashback and Is It Really a Good Offer?

When you are hunting high and low for the best online casino offers, the possibility of a good cashback offer often goes ignored even by seasoned gamblers. Some of you reading this article might even be unaware that such promotions exist within an online casino. Imagine after reading this article you log on to one of the casinos you are signed up to and discover that some money is there waiting for you. You will be delighted right?


When you play at a reputable online casino there is a good chance that you might come across such an offer. Players might be rewarded some cashback based on the amount of money they have wagered with a specific casino or on how much money they have lost with a specific casino. Either way, a good cashback offer gives players the chance to gain rewards from playing games they would regardless so why not take advantage?

What Cashback Offers Are

There are a few different types of cashback offers that casinos have in place and we will focus on these now. 


The first one will be a percentage of money returned to a player based on the amount they have lost during a particular period of time. This amount will always be capped. For example, one casino site might give you a percentage of cashback in losses for the first week you are with the site. When you join a site for the first time this offer is set to be at its highest.


Some online casinos though have a consistent promotion in place where you can make money based on how much money you contribute to the site. This is a good offer for those who like to bet frequently on one chosen site.

VIP Clubs

VIP clubs are something that a lot of good online casinos have. They are designed to reward players for their loyalty and with this program, players are rewarded continuously for playing on the same site. The rewards for each site can differ tremendously. For the majority of sites, they will offer their players cashback based on the amount of money they have either staked or lost. On the other hand, some sites reward their players with free bets, free spins, etc. In some rare cases, some casinos also offer their top players high rewards such as visits to Vegas.

The Best Types Of Cashback Offers

When looking for the best cashback offers you will need to take on board these two important factors. The first and most important one will be the amount of cashback you will see in return for your losses. Anything around the 10% mark can be regarded as very good. On the flip side of this, some casino sites would offer less than 1% which of course offers way less value. The second thing to be considered is the length of the promotion. Is it an ongoing promotion or does the cashback-only promotion last for the first week after signing up for example? When you know these two things you can start to calculate how much cashback you might receive.

Is Cashback Really A Good Offer?

It is important to remember that there is no magic formula in gambling and no offer will guarantee that you can make money. What you can do however is make it more likely that you will make money in the long run and with gambling, every little edge that you can gain will help you. It is best not to think about how much money you will be receiving as cashback and just let it surprise you when this happens. The aim of gambling is to have fun and develop strategies to win money. However, winning cannot always be guaranteed of course so this is why a good cashback offer can come as a welcome relief to many players.