What if Robert Muldoon was right? What if Isolationism & Think Big requires Big State Economics?

While Muldoon’s repugnant use of identity politics to divide a nation over rugby will always mark him as an authoritarian thug willing to plunge the nation into the social trauma of mass civil disobedience, he was ahead of the curve with Think Big.

His economic nationalism was ahead of its time, triggered by stagflation and geopolitical shockwaves, it parallels the same threats we face now.

Why shouldn’t we have our own basic pharmaceutical industry?

Engineering industry.

Industrial industry.

The supply side shocks caused by Covid and war are not going away, and they are being compounded by catastrophic climate change.

The arguments pushed forward by Muldoon for Think Big infrastructure resonate more importantly now than ever before.

Radical adaptation and communal community resourcing alongside a Big State approach to lynchpin infrastructure for basic self-reliance as an Island country facing enormous economic shockwaves is the only means to build the muscle mass to respond to the ever intensifying external disruption of late stage capitalism.

The need to increase military spending to 3% alongside the new costs for this infrastructure must be funded via new taxes aimed at corporations and banks.

A financial transaction tax and windfall profit tax would take the yoke of taxation off working people and place it upon the shoulders of the wealthy.

National and ACT  see mass immigration as a means to create fake growth at a time when we should be focused on de-growth.

Climate Crisis is here and adaptation is now.

We need to start rethinking Isolationism as a strength and Think Big as Economic Sovereignty.

The geopolitical shock waves are only getting more intense.


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