What Hospo really hope Orange level brings, give Chippy a break & late stage capitalism class war at Whammy Bar

Covid 19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins’ nightmare at the podium: ‘Bit of a mind blank’

If there are any studies on brain fog as a consequence of Covid-19, Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins could be a case study.

Hipkins had to apologise after a comedy of errors in the press conference in which he blamed a “bit of a mind blank” for forgetting what the rules for mask use were under the orange setting – even though they are the only rules that apply under the setting.

Hipkins started strongly, announcing the entire country would be moving to the promised land of the orange setting from Thursday morning. The only hiccup was saying that hospitalisations in Auckland had increased instead of decreased.

Give Chippy a break, the poor bugger is so exhausted by the constant pressure of a Covid response to an exhausted country who doesn’t care any more or cares too much or cares only because it makes their anti-vaccine smugness even smugger.

He had a mind blank, happens to the best of us.

The harping on now is over the apparent ‘contradictions’ in requiring retail to wear masks and not requiring them for schools or nightclubs.

The answer is so bloody obvious that it’s painful this is where we are now at, nit picking broad stroke policy in a never ending gotcha roulette.

Of course masks are still required in Retail and Supermarkets, look who is dying and getting sick, it’s mostly old people by a huge margin. Young people seem pretty robust and they are the ones going to nightclubs. In terms of children, again, the damage caused by not socialising and getting a regular education is greater than the health risks to children.

So, retail and supermarkets keep masks because old people go to those places, but they don’t go to Schools and nightclubs.

Yes it’s a balancing act and attempt to get the economy back up and running, but some of the Left have made Covid safety part of their identity to the point it’s becoming religion and they are ironically becoming as intransigent as anti-vaxxers!

What Hospo are really looking for with the Orange setting is a psychological change in punters. It’s not like Hospo is currently at capacity and desperate punters wanting to party are banging down their doors, because that’s not happening.

It’s the psychological self isolation that is killing Hospo.

Nothing summed up this clash of Death Cult Capitalists vs late stage capitalism anarchism quite so perfectly than that ‘alt left’ Whammy Bar getting shit from a former Shortland Street actor turned property developer…

Auckland soap star landlord Paul Reid leaves negative review on his own tenant Whammy Bar’s venue over vaccine passes

A high-profile Auckland landlord says he doesn’t regret leaving a negative review about his own tenant’s continued use of COVID-19 vaccine passes, despite coming in for heavy criticism.

After the Government relaxed COVID-19 restrictions earlier this month, businesses are no longer required to ask for proof of vaccination as a condition of entry. However some venues have continued to ask for passes in an effort to curb the spread of the virus.

One such venue is Whammy Bar, a well-known music venue within Karangahape Rd’s iconic St Kevin’s Arcade complex.

Co-owner Tom Anderson told Newshub while there had been some unfavourable reactions to the decision – mostly from people who aren’t patrons anyway – the overall response to keeping vaccine passes has been predominantly positive.

But one surprising detractor is former Shortland Street actor and musician Paul Reid, whose commercial property investment firm The Icon Group owns St Kevin’s Arcade and is Whammy Bar’s landlord.

Reid took to Facebook late on Monday night to ridicule them for keeping the vaccine requirement in place.

“This used to be a cool punk rock dive bar,” he wrote. “You know punk anti-establishment cool kinda vibe.. now there’s Nothing more punk rock than ‘can I scan your vaccine pass please’ lol.”

…Death Cult Capitalists like Paul Reid are sick of hearing the peasants weep over the plague and want them back in the fields working no matter how many are sick and dying.

The bleeding gums of our inequality have been exposed by Covid, and the ramifications between those who need the wage slaves back to normal and the fears of the wage slaves personal safety will continue to be a tug of war.

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