For the negative impression that seeing so many Daily Blog postings by one writer might create, some wish that Martyn Bradbury would invent a few noms de plume.  But then, and hopefully in the very same “wish” breath, they might realize that to do so would be to create a fraud. 

Whatever else readers of The Daily Blog have a right to know it is the identity of the writer of the opinion being expressed, because it speaks to the reason why it should be considered. Knowing who is saying something can be every bit as important as what’s being said, which is why my occasional posts, whatever the “who, what, why, when, where”, of them, are always accompanied by links to the sources from which they derive. 

Because I don’t actually “Know” anything!

To express an opinion is to say; “this is what I believe to be true, based on what I have been told, learned from experience, studied to become educated in, or otherwise independently researched.”  We can’t claim to actually “know” anything that’s not been gleaned from the knowledge of others. That’s not an attempt to be profound but to simply say; everyone’s essence is the essence of someone else’s essence – which, ooops, sounds even more profound.

The Daily Blog provides an opportunity for people to test what they “know” against that which others claim to “know”, and we should grasp it, not only because the exchange of ideas is very important if society is to progress, but to also relieve the pressure on Bomber, without whom there’d be no Daily Blog

Suffice it to say, from what I’ve learned from experience, studied to become educated in, or otherwise independently researched, I believe that what many think they “know” to be true, isn’t. And if you disagree, thanks to Bomber, you have a platform on which to test if I should be hanged for saying it

Malcolm Evans



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