Weep fellow Kiwis, our glorious smug hermit kingdom is over – here comes hyper tourism, migrant worker exploitation & International Student scams

Joy as border to reopen but with a warning of high case numbers

After nearly 700 days and more than 220,000 travellers passing through its doors, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says it’s the beginning of the end for our MIQ system.

A phased reopening of the border introducing self-isolation for arrivals would start from February 28, first with vaccinated Kiwis coming from Australia and critical workers, Ardern said yesterday.

Two weeks later Kiwis from the rest of the world could arrive MIQ-free, followed by other travellers in phases from July through October.

The globalists at Stuff have won with their never ending sob stories to ensure their own global skill set can always travel.

The hyper tourism market that exist to sell red bull to tourists are laughing.

The industries that benefit from migrant worker exploitation laugh.

National Party candidate and ZB host in training Charlotte Bellis is laughing.

All those kiwis stupid enough to travel during a pandemic are gleeful.

The international student scam are dancing with joy.

Welcome back exploited migrant workers and Students and tourists who will block our public transport, who will place rent pressures on domestic renters, who will crowd our groaning infrastructure!

Expect house prices to explode.

Weep dear Kiwi at the plague seeping in, weep at our Fortress NZ protection ripped away from us at a time when external shockwaves become the norm, weep that our quality of life plunges again.

Weep of course right up until the next variant gets loose or we lose control of Omicron and then the public will be screaming to shut MIQ.

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