Weep fellow Kiwis, our glorious smug hermit kingdom is over – here comes hyper tourism, migrant worker exploitation & International Student scams

Covid 19: NZ’s border fully reopens allowing students, cruise ships to return

At midnight tonight New Zealand’s border will finally be fully open to all visitors – providing a much-needed economic boost to the education and tourism sectors with the return of international students and cruise ships.

After two years and four months of the Covid-19 border restrictions, the Government will put in place the final step of its “reconnecting plan”, enabling visitors from non-visa waiver countries to apply for a visa to enter New Zealand.

Before Covid, we had 4million tourists per year! There are only 5 million of us! Our country has been over run by hyper tourism and if you ask any of those greedy pricks how many is too many – there is no answer!

The hyper tourism industry would welcome 20 million a year if they could get away with it!

The hyper tourism industry exploits us the domestic citizen, and then tells us that our exploitation is important for the economy!

Weep dear Kiwi at the neoliberal free market plague sweeping back in, weep at our Fortress NZ protection ripped away from us at a time when external shockwaves become the norm, weep that our quality of life plunges again.

Weep of course right up until the next variant gets loose and then the public will be screaming to shut MIQ in a never ending yo-yoing of panic.

This country has two secrets to our ‘economic growth’ – steal land off Māori and never pay it back and open the floodgates to cheap lazy immigration to create the sense of growth with none of the planned building of infrastructure to cope with that mass immigration.

We have learned nothing from Covid.

The economic pressures and stresses are building with speed now, this will simply add fuel to those drivers.

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