We hit 90% double vaxxed while lunatic antivaxxrs protested – this is us at our Kiwi best!

It says something about the wonderful character of Kiwis that on the same day 2000 AntiVaxxer lunatics were marching in Wellington that we as a country hit the 90% vaccination target.

The vast, vast, vast majority did the right thing and got vaccinated while a tiny minority screamed and called it Nazi Germany and the wonderful thing is that the majority let the minority have their protest.

That’s how gracious we are in reality.

We will allow you your right to protest even though you are fucking stupid, prolonging lockdowns and possibly endangering the rest of us!

The 90% vaccination rate strategy has left us with one of the lowest death rates and hospitalization rates in the world and represents one of the greatest public health successes since seat belts in cars and the polio vaccine.

Jacinda’s 90% vaccination rate, a strategy her Maori Academics & public health officials decried as racist has worked!

Jacinda’s 90% vaccination rate, a strategy the Death Cult Capitalists screamed was evil because it put public health before private profit has worked!

Jacinda’s 90% vaccination rate, a strategy National and ACT denounced as unworkable has worked!

The Woke Left decrying the roll out as a genocide against Maori or the religious right QAnon lunatic antiVaxxers screaming Nazi?

The debt of gratitude this ungrateful bloody country owes Jacinda and Labour is immeasurable and watching the toxic hate vomited on her for saving us from tens of thousands of sick and thousands of deaths is honestly heartbreaking.

THAT is us at our Kiwi worst!

We really have no idea how lucky we are.


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Original Source: https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2021/12/18/we-hit-90-double-vaxxed-while-lunatic-antivaxxrs-protested-this-is-us-at-our-kiwi-best/

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