We don’t negotiate with Trevorrists! Why Mallard’s offer will fail & what Government should have done

This won’t work…

The conditions of Speaker Trevor Mallard’s cross-party offer to negotiate with protestors revealed

“Following discussions of the Parliamentary Service Commission, I have been authorised to make the following statement of the view of all parties in Parliament.

“There will be no dialogue with protestors currently occupying the Parliamentary Precinct and surrounding areas until the protest returns to one within the law, including the clearing of all illegally parked vehicles that are blocking streets, the removal of unauthorised structures, and the cessation of the intimidation of Wellingtonians.

“We note that there is a history of Parliamentarians attending peaceful protests or hearing from the leaders of groups who are at Parliament peacefully.”

…this won’t work for a couple of reasons.

1 – If these protestors are all monsters with no legitimate argument, then Michael Wood, Neale Jones, Clint Smith and all the other apologists for State force against protestors MUST NEVER allow Mallard to negotiate any deal with them because they are all Nazi Monsters.

How can you negotiate with Nazi monsters?

This is the terrible blind spot in woke culture. If you exist to cancel the other, how can you walk that back intellectually when you actually have to engage?


2 – This is being offered by a Speaker who threw a tantrum on Thursday Stupid Thursday, sent in the cops, created a common enemy and inspired a 10 hour live stream recruitment video. He then went on to do a Warehouse bargain basement psy-op campaign to deprive them of sleep by playing songs he sourced from Twitter. There is no good faith in this Speaker.


3 – You don’t negotiate with feral lunatics who are threatening you! These protestors, for whatever righteous grievance they have, are manipulated into believing a fractured and demented version of reality. You can’t negotiate with crazy.


Here’s what the Government SHOULD have done.

The Government SHOULD have selected an MP with real mana, someone from the Maori Caucus who has standing beyond politics, to formally go down and meet the protestors to take their concerns to the top table on the understanding that this is the Government’s response.

That after taking their concerns to the top table, the protestors have to start making this protest legal and that starts with the immediate towing of all cars parked illegally.

This is not about negotiations with extremists, this is about listening to their valid concerns and continuing with a functioning Democracy while public order is maintained.

The Government can’t negotiate with people threatening and abusing them – that’s not how protest works, but they can and should listen to their concerns.

Half of this problem has been about the Left refusing to engage because the Left in their smug arrogance have told themselves they know best.

Those being punished most by the yoke of economic and social mandates have every right to be angry, every right to protest and every right to be heard.

They don’t have a right to make life unliveable for those near by and they don’t have a right to threaten and abuse.

By sending an MP with mana to hear their concerns and take them to the top table, the Government avoids incentivising illegality to force interaction.

By acknowledging the concerns, the Government then have the right to start dismantling the parked car issue while allowing the protestors to stay on the lawn and avoid a Bastion Point style moment that will tear at the fabric of the nation.

By demanding the tents and cars go first before negotiations, the Government will fail and look weaker than they are now.

Where are the adults and why is a man child like Trev still being allowed to enflame things?

This protest must be respected, but negotiating with it only highlights how weak the Governments response has been.

Move the cars and wait for Omicron to clear the rest.

It will be pure luck if we can de-escalate this now.


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