Watching Jacinda suck up to our Chinese Overlords is the sickening economic reality of being a Kiwi


Political Roundup: Jacinda Ardern strikes a softer tone on China

Today’s speech by Jacinda Ardern to the China Business Summit in Auckland was full of soothing words for Beijing.

The headline-grabber was Ardern’s comment that ‘a few plans are afoot’ for New Zealand ministers to return to China – and that the Prime Minister herself hopes to return to the country ‘to renew and refresh in-person connections’.

This might come sooner than we think. While China’s current elimination approach to Covid-19 heavily restricts in-person travel, New Zealand’s own experience shows how quickly these settings can change. After abandoning its own zero-covid policy, New Zealand this week fully re-opens to all visitors.

Expressing a willingness to travel to China – even if it is not currently possible to so – is a signal in itself.

…isn’t it sickening that our great Prime Minister has to suck up to a communist authoritarian regime with an appalling human rights record so that quisling NZ Farmers can sell more basic bitch milk powder to China?

Isn’t it stomach churning watching our brilliant Prime Minister begging our Chinese Economic Overlords to keep their hyper tourism coming, the hyper tourism that damages so much of our environment.

Isn’t it dry retching to see our Government appeasing a country that is taking an aggressive bullying stance in our Pacific neighbourhood?

This sadly is all part  of the economic reality of being a Kiwi.

Yay the farmers selling basic bitch milk powder that traps us financially into economic servitude, yay the hyper tourism industry that wipes its arse with us, yay the appeasement towards a regime that has committed cultural genocide in Tibet and Xinjiang.



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