Wait. What? We have to open borders to let in workers to build houses for those workers? What about NZers?

Productivity Commission calls for higher immigration rates to wait for more infrastructure

The Productivity Commission has taken aim at pre-pandemic rates of immigration, calling them “unsustainable” in the face of an “inability or unwillingness” to build the infrastructure to support would-be migrants.

It has also called on the Government to remove visa conditions that tie a migrant to a specific employer.

The commission made the statements in its first draft inquiry report since former BERL economist Dr Ganesh Nana took the helm of the Government’s economic think-tank.

Wait, what?

We have to let more migrant workers in to build the houses they will live in?

What about housing for New Zealanders already living here locked out of home ownership?

I’m not sure they want to hear that we will reopen the border to migrant workers who depress the existing infrastructure so that they can live here???

One of the boons of closing the border has been the death of hyper tourism that pollutes and wears down our infrastructure, another has been the end of international student exploitation and migrant worker exploitation.

Them not being here has forced domestic bosses to pay for kiwis to do the work while taking enormous stress off our public transport, rentals and public health.

Can you imagine the social carnage of just opening the borders again? The surge in rental prices from exploited international students and exploited migrant workers trying to find houses here in top of the crush on our infrastructure from 4 million tourists trying to force their way in.

One of the things globalists fear are electorates who no longer see the economic rational for abusive migrant workers and hyper tourism, we’ve seen the mistake of unfettered migration – why the Christ go back to that?

Allowing migrant workers in to build the houses they will live in is the type of economic gibberish that has no place in a post growth capitalism.

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