Wait – what? Seymour gets criticised for trying to de-escalate but Mallard gets none for enflaming it?

ACT Leader David Seymour, defends meeting with anti-mandate protesters, slams Government’s response

ACT Party leader David Seymour is defending himself after facing criticism for meeting with anti-mandate protesters in Wellington.

Seymour said he decided to meet with the protesters after Alistair Boyce, the owner of the Backbencher pub asked him to. Boyce was forced to close his pub near Parliament due to protesters hurling abuse at his staff last week. But Seymour said Boyce now believed the more “odious” protesters have left and he wanted to meet with them to ensure he could reopen without issue.

Seymour, who was joined by ACT MP Nicole McKee, said the conditions he delivered to the protesters included removing vehicles blocking the roads around Parliament and Victoria University, and a guarantee that no more people passing by would be harassed.

But the meeting drew ire from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who said it was “irresponsible”.

Wait – what?

Seymour is getting criticism for trying to de-escalate this feral lunacy but Mallard get’s none for inflaming it?

OH COME ON – this is just tribal bullshit now!

The Twitter Woke don’t just want the protestors removed, they want the protestors beaten & punished for being Nazis!

So everyone protesting at Parliament is a Nazi?

Anyone who challenges that narrative is a Nazi?

And anyone who questions that is also a Nazi?

That is a lot of Nazis!

This is what we on the Left is now.

Trev’s Thursday Stupid Thursday created a common enemy & produced a recruitment drive yet it’s Seymour getting criticised?

The modern left are middle class, they have benefitted from work from home because they have nice homes. The perverse outcome of Government Covid support has made the rich far far far richer while those on Parliament’s lawns have suffered.

This spectrum of working class dispossessed, the ones who have borne the harshest yoke of vaccine mandates economically and socially, they have had their misery harvested by Far Right Steve Bannon inspired propaganda and Qanon mysticism, of that there can be no doubt.

While their pain may be self inflicted and emotionally manipulated by the Far Right, it is the reality that they have been left behind economically, Bernard fucking Hickey pointed this out!

Wealthy nearly $1 trillion richer since Covid began – Hickey

A revolution came to Parliament, but the middle class Left were the ones who were revolted.

“Let the ruling classes tremble at Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workers of all countries, unite! Except in Wellington. Those Lumpenproletariat Nazis can go fuck themselves”

Middle Class Marx 2022

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