Wait, what? New woke Stasi knifed their own for woke crimes?

Anyone else feel a tad nervous about the Orwellian named National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism?

At a time of intense political polarisation, we face economic anxiety that is mixing the ingredients of political extremism and violence.

We need our Intelligence Apparatus to be using their vast powers with surgical precision, which is why the appointment of Professor Joanne Kidman has been so controversial.

Her previous woke activism on NZ Twitter shows an academic with extraordinarily brittle trigger threshold for what she proclaims as a hate crime.

She lambasted the Auckland University for calling their Cat Governor Grey (because you know, heteronormative white cis male patriarchy) and started a cancellation of Trelise Cooper for what the Professor alleged was cultural appropriation of a Native American In dian genocidal forced march.

The idea of putting someone who sees hate crime every time they blink in charge of a unit that will be helping direct the Eye of Mordor upon us is deeply concerning, but then we find this out…

PM’s terrorism, extremism expert Prof Richard Jackson hired then dropped

A top-flight academic selected for a key national security appointment was quietly let go weeks after he was meant to start in the role after an unrelated media story raised concerns

…wait, WHAT?

Just as the team directing the Eye of Mordor are put together, a damning report gets suddenly spun out into the public?

AT THE EXACT TIME as positions were being appointed?

I’m glad Comrade Trotter has noticed the same thing.

The lead person being appointed is suddenly smeared with allegations of crimes against woke dogma and then the most triggered and most socially active in woke lynchings becomes appointed?

I thought this whole National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism was highly questionable just in the appointment of Professor Joanne Kidman, finding out her predecessor was shanked for not being woke enough makes the whole thing way more frightening.

We need an Intelligence Apparatus focused on legitimate threats of political violence with the resources to immediately move against those threats, what we do not need is a State sanctioned enemies list of everyone the tragically woke feel triggered by.

This ahhh, this needs some inquiry.


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