Wait! WHAT? Mallard has dumped the trespass orders? So WTF was that all about then?

Wait, WHAT?

Mallard has dumped the trespass orders?

So what the fuck was this all about then?

How the Christ can Winston Peters and Matt King go from being legitimate threats to the State and trump their inalienable right as politicians to speak to protestors one day and then suddenly they are not the day after being served with papers?

Those tribal Labour who flooded social media in sick defence of this outrageous abuse of political power were left all out on the battlefield of dispute desperately defending the legitimacy of Trev’s actions and all were sacrificed for the expediency of a cowardly u-turn the moment it erupted in the media.

The self mutilation of this decision, the needless reminder of how out of control and power drunk Trev is, the needless reminder of Trev’s power drunk provocations at the Dumb Lives Matter protest, the needless reminder of Winston Peters, the needless reminder that once again it’s ACT stepping up for real civil rights defending, the needless reminder that the Greens caved in like cowards…….


And then these fucking clowns ask ‘why are we dropping in the polls”.

Did he just wake up and say, ‘how can I shave 5% off our support today”?

I just don’t even, what can be said, this is what the Left is now?

Jesus wept.

Will someone please put a fucking muzzle on Trev.


Success would be Trev not appearing in the fucking media for the remainder of the Political term.

Failure will be Trev appearing for any reason in the fucking media for the remainder of the Political term.

Come on guys. Please. Shut Trev up.

No more Trev Trev.


I’ve got a big bag of shhhhhhh for you Trev.

Trev go silent now.

Hushy hushy.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh right this moment.

Red October is running deep, running silent

No more word words.

Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Am I expressing my genuine desire for Trev to not allow any sound whatsoever to pass through his lips for the next 18 months?

You appreciate it?

Have I built the vision?

You are sold and signed up?



If Trev has completely finished fucking us, can we get back to the housing crisis, cost of living crisis, mental health crisis, poverty crisis and environmental crisis?


Shut up Trev.


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