Waatea News Column: Why Māori Party GST off food policy is so important for all Kiwis

The latest TVNZ Poll is further proof that the Māori Party will be the Queenmaker in the next Government.

With such an important role, the Māori Party must step up for all New Zealanders to avoid ACT and National using their new influence as a stick to beat them with.

At a time of 3 Waters, co-governance and He Puapua, the ability for the Right to use the Māori Party’s ascendancy as ammunition in the looming election requires a politically strategic response.

A Māori Party championing GST off all food is going to be their strongest play.

The Russian war in the Ukraine is damaging the global economy in ways we still aren’t feeling right now. If you think food inflation is steep right now, wait until the full impact of losing 12% of tradable calories, 30% of wheat, 30% of barley, 80% of sunflower oil, vast numbers of metals and a never stopping oil and gas price explosion is going to cause.

We don’t comprehend how bad things are going to get economically by December of this year, when desperate people are going hungry, the Māori Party’s GST off food will be far more attractive than the fear the Right will attempt to smear them with.

These are unique times and they will demand unique leadership.

First published on Waatea News.

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