Waatea News Column: Why all the hopes of the Left are now on Green/Māori Party and what their 10 bottom lines for Labour should be

The tightening of the polls that we are seeing suggests a very clear political divide between Labour + Greens and National + ACT.

Increasingly it looks like the Māori Party are going to end up being the Kingmaker or Queenmaker.

I don’t believe the Māori Party are serious about propping up an ACT/National Government which leaves them with Labour + Greens.

I’ve already written that the Greens and the Māori Party should be talking to each other now so as to provide a united front when negotiating with Labour post 2023 if they are in a position to form the majority.

ACT have already told National that their referendum on co-governance is a bottom line, the Māori Party and Greens should also consider bottom lines.

10 possible Green/Māori Party bottom lines could be:

Free Public Transport – poor people pay an enormous percentage of their weekly wage on public transport, making it free would put money directly back into their pockets while making roads more efficient.

Free Dental Care – poverty prevents many people seeking dental care and because oral health is a pre-indicator of health issues, free dental care would save lives.

GST off fresh fruit and vegetables – anything that makes healthy kai cheaper should be adopted.

Sugar Tax – Big sugar continues to get a free pass without paying for their health damage.

Mass State House build – we need green homes that are warm and safe for life.

Minister for Sustainable Growth – We need to start considering what a post growth economy looks like.

New competition in Supermarket duopoly – If Labour are too frightened to make real change in this space, the Greens and Māori Party can and will.

Compulsory Te Reo in Primary Schools – If the seed is planted early, it has the best chance of growth.

Free Internet via schools, Marae and libraries – The digital divide keeps locking many poor people out of a part of life that has become essential for everyone else.

Solar panels on every school, Marae and public building – Secure the energy supplies of tomorrow with big vision ideas.

If the Greens and the Māori Party are not strategic now then Labour will manage to get away with doing as little as possible.

First published on Waatea News.

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