Waatea News Column: What are we going to do with the unvaccinated?

One of the most painful aspects of this pandemic has been the two different realities our community has been split into.

The vaccinated resent those not vaccinated because it limits their freedom while the unvaccinated resent being excluded from society for freedom of choice.

The race to vaccinate never asks the question ‘what are we going to do with those who refuse to take the vaccine’.

I believe that after all the arguing and constant offers of free vaccinations delivered into hard to reach locations and communities, what are we going to do with those who point blank refuse the vaccination for whatever reason.

What do we do with them?

The 5% hardcore who just won’t.

I think we have to show them a lot of love and humility.

I think we have to ensure anyone resigning for refusing the vaccination are given 4 weeks wages plus there should be no stave down period for welfare.

I think that adding economic stress at a time if great anger is a recipe for dangerous radicalization.

Read the unvaccinated’s fury and violent rhetoric while they still had jobs. Imagine that rage when you lose money.

We must find ways to always keep immunization as an option alongside infrastructure to allow for testing to also be a substitute entry point to the wider social life.

After such a divisive and angry time we need to focus on the well being of people we disagree with.

That’s true healing.

First published on Waatea News.

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