Waatea News Column: The Māori Party is where 2023 election will be won or lost

The latest Curia Political Poll has the Māori Party on an incredibly high 3.7%. Their ability to attract a stronger and stronger Māori vote has been driven by a social media campaign that doubles as a trusted source of information and community.

Their ongoing political strength if carried through to the election could make the Māori Party the Queenmaker of any Labour/Green Government.

With so much at stake going into the 2023 election from the post Covid fallout to a looming economic recession, the focus must be on co-operation over co-governance if a united front of Labour, Greens and Māori Party is going to cross the 51% threshold.

This means broad based policy platforms like GST off food and vegetables alongside a 30% stakehold in the Supermarket duopoly run in association with Iwi players.

Shared value policy that can relate directly to the material well being of everyone who votes for it has to trump the implementation of pure ideology which can’t attract enough support to get over 51%.

In my opinion, a National/ACT Government would implement policy that would have deeply damaging impacts on the most economically vulnerable of our communities, the Māori Party, Greens and Labour must work together to ensure that damage doesn’t get elected.

Broadchurch policy over pure temple politics.

First published on Waatea News.

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