Waatea News Column: Beauty of Matariki Dawn Celebrations a broadcasting turning point in NZ Pakeha Culture

I believe the Dawn ceremony of Matariki this year represents a unique broadcasting turning point in NZ pakeha culture.

Very rarely do Pakeha approach the Mārae and see or understand the richness of Māori world view. This performance broadcast across the nation changed all that.

Pakeha NZ could see the mana of the moment, hear the incredible oratory of the speakers and graciously by including english subtitles, give a unique insight to the poetry of the speakers.

Set against the drama of the rising dawn, I don;t believe many pakeha would have appreciated the spiritual character of the Māori world view and its total magnificence.

Extolling the sun to rise, prayers to the fallen and the planting of hope, it had a magic and mystery that was spell binding and utterly unique.

At a time of malice and anger towards co-governance, this dawn celebration provided insight into the splendor and treasure of Māori culture in a way that simply has never happened on such a wide and broad media platform.

Matariki is the National Holiday we didn’t know we needed.

It was a privilege to share it.

First published on Waatea News.

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