Waatea News Column: 5.9% inflation highlights why Supermarket duopoly must be smashed!

The surge in food and oil prices is hitting people barely surviving Covid while hurting first time buyers with steep mortgage rate increases while putting pressure on renters.

Add to this misery a feeling amongst many progressive voters that while Jacinda has protected us from the worst ravages of Covid, she has not made anything close to the progress required on housing, inequality and meaningful environmental change.

Labour needs a vision, voters need hope.

Following the Commerce Commission’s own recommendation, the Government should step in alongside Iwi to take a 30% stake in the supermarket industry to bust up the duopoly.

Labour has an obligation to fix the broken market to facilitate healthy capitalism.

Lower food prices, better prices for growers and living wages for staff would do more to help everyone facing the steep cost of living increases than any single other pieces of social policy!

If they are prepared to spend $3billion on unemployment insurance to benefit white-collar middle-class workers, what about the vast majority trying to make ends meet?

When does Labour finally step up and be bold for poor people?

First published on Waatea News.

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