Unemployment insurance the price CTU has to pay PSA to get Helen Kelly’s Fair Pay Agreement

New Zealand income insurance scheme proposal: Government seeks feedback

Designed by the government, Business New Zealand, and the Council of Trade Unions (NZCTU), the scheme would cover people who are made redundant, laid off, or when a health condition or disability significantly affects their work hours.

It would be managed by ACC, and would be paid for by levies on wages and salaries, with workers and employers paying an estimated 1.39 percent each.

Robertson announced the details of the proposal, which the government is seeking feedback on, this morning. He said there were important lessons to be learned from the impacts of Covid-19, and the value of the Wage Subsidy and Resurgence Support Payment schemes.

The outrageous Unemployment Insurance being touted isn’t just the creation of a two tiered welfare system for the middle classes to enjoy, it’s a baked horse trading deal between the CTU and PSA to get support for the Fair Pay Agreement.

The PSA is the largest and most powerful public sector Union, the Fair Pay Agreement is a de facto universal unionism that would water down PSA influence.

Enter the Unemployment Insurance. It enables Wellington’s bureaucratic class to just tag in a 7 month State paid sojourn on top of their holidays when you want to take the next deck chair shuffling redundancy package.

It’s PSA members and white collar workers who benefit from this outrages public policy package!

The self interest dripping here masquerading as workers rights is as audacious as the Taxpayer’s Union calling itself a Union!

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