Ummmmm, did everyone see that Coster interview? Are you now really worried about Parliament Protest now?

Ummmmm, did everyone see that Coster interview yesterday?

He thundered something must be done and he would do it!

He’s set up a National Command Center with a focus on removing the cars. Now this is smart. The blocked cars are causing enormous stress to people who live there and it allows these protestors a constant supply chain, so removing the cars is the first thing that needs to happen.

But what did Coster do right after announcing that something must be done?

He begged tow truck drivers to call him and help him.


Why is he proclaiming something will be done and then begs for people to help the doing?

He just told everyone he’s got no muscle to do the thing he’s claiming to do!

THEN, THEN, THEN he just opines that he’s been in contact with the NZDF to see if they can tow the cars.

Hilariously he then tells us that the NZDF haven’t gotten back to him!


The myriad of issues of using military assets in civilian policing matters has more minefields than mud on Parliament’s lawn right now!

His puzzlement that the NZDF want nothing to do with this would be satire script hilarity if it wasn’t so disturbing.

So we have a Police Commissioner who is terrified of being stained with Mallard’s provocation and be known as the Cop who turned the dogs and batons on protestors WHILE being thick as shit!

Begging tow truck drivers shows how weak he is, and contacting the NZDF, admitting it and then being confused why they won’t get back to him suggests a terrifying lack of appreciation for martial law.

Are you now really worried about the Parliament Protest now?

Where are the adults?

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