Ummmmm, are we manufacturing sovereign citizen terrorists?

This behaviour in Court by sovereign citizen cultist Richard Sivell is extraordinary…

Court outburst: Richard Sivell charged with threatening to kill PM, forced by police into dock

A man charged with threatening to kill Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was this morning restrained and handcuffed by police on the floor of a Tauranga courtroom, claiming he had been “kidnapped” and detained illegally.

…it’s like a militant policing of micro aggressions to literally seperate yourself away from all authority. Like a trance state that refuses to acknowledge any authority and refuses to engage.

We forget that the State requires us to respond even at the basic level of walking to and from where you are asked.

This is how political prisoners respond to incarceration.

Point blank refusal to engage with the process of incarceration.

Hunger strikes are next.

This is the stuff of martyrs.

Hilarious to note that Brian Tamaki is calling himself a political prisoner today.

People are suffering, they are confused and frightened. Covid has isolated us and allowed an algorithm of nightmares to warp decent people into walking balls of rage.

They are believing in fairy dust like the sovereign citizen for Christ’s sakes. It’s real flat earth stuff that translates as ‘I can just throw a tantrum and ignore your authority, while having the authority to kidnap and hang you’.

But in our rush to hunt for monsters, are we accidentally creating more radicals?

The only winner in the Parliament Lawn Dumb Lives Matter protest were the far right who used the violence as a recruitment advert.

As the economic pressures that drive this radicalisation and polarisation build, it’s important to remember our strength as a liberal progressive democracy is in our flexibility of free speech and tolerance of opinion that allows the space for these pressure points to be debated and deflated rather than metastasise.

It’s also important to demand a level of nuance from that State so that their intervention doesn’t end up radicalising more people.

It is VERY hard to read the report on the New Lynn Terrorist Ahamed Samsudeen and not see how our intervention as the State in his life turned an angry young man into a knife stabbing terrorist.

Everything about our interaction with Ahamed Samsudeen radicalised him, and there really has to be some exceptionally hard questions asked of almost every State Service who dealt with him because all it looks like is we manufactured a terrorist by the way we treated him.

I fear that we are going to do the same thing with these sovereign citizen cultists by over reacting.

Legitimate domestic terror threats to the State must be nullified and prevented at all costs, but fantasists who believe in a magical world of make believe need to be responded to proportionally no matter how their behaviour frightens the rest of us.

As we struggle at the height of a Covid outbreak with all the economic and social pressures that are tearing us apart, I fear our fear will cause us to blunder it something worse.


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