Ummmm, policing woke micro aggressions is really really really important, but the planet is actually melting

Look, it’s very, very, very important that we all participate in woke micro aggression policing and denounce and cancel and deplatform EVERYONE who doesn’t agree with woke dogma.

It’s terribly important activism for the middle class marxists to feel terribly self important.

What is a progress if it can’t slavishly recognise the 17 000 different gender identities and pay sacred homage to each one?

Which is all fine and dandy and while I would never ever question such militant divisiveness for .1% of the population, could I politely point out that the fucking planet is melting…

It’s 40 degrees Celsius warmer than normal in eastern Antarctica. Scientists are stunned

The coldest location on the planet has experienced an episode of warm weather this week unlike any ever observed, with temperatures over the eastern Antarctic ice sheet soaring up to 40 degrees Celsius above normal. The warmth has smashed records and shocked scientists.

“This event is completely unprecedented and upended our expectations about the Antarctic climate system,” said Jonathan Wille, a researcher studying polar meteorology at Université Grenoble Alpes in France, in an email.

“Antarctic climatology has been rewritten,” tweeted Stefano Di Battista, a researcher who has published studies on Antarctic temperatures. He added that such temperature anomalies would have been considered “impossible” and “unthinkable” before they actually occurred.

…40 degrees above where it should be?

That’s terrifying and yet the political response from the Left in NZ doesn’t have the intellectual muscle to offer anything beyond pronouns and closing the pay gap for white managerial women.

I’d hate to suggest we are wasting our time on woke virtue signals that offer nothing more than purity tests for middle class activists to feel superior, b-u-t, that’s exactly what we are doing.

The climate crisis trumps all other issues, yet we do nothing while the planet burns.

All the Left are good for in NZ now is screaming NAZI at protestors hurt by the economic mandates of Covid.


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