UK MELTDOWN: Hot Eton Mess Yobbo Toff resigns

Overnight Boris Johnson has resigned as Prime Minister after a humiliating 72 hours of resignation after resignation as his hot Eton mess Yobbo Toff shtick finally runs out of messy haired charm.

Sure, he stood for the Ukraine in their darkest hour but he has overseen a spluttering economy, caused enormous damage with the Northern Ireland Boundary, used generational friction to amputate with Brexit and of course allowed tens of thousands to die from his incompetent Covid response.

He charmed the UK like a Shakespearean Vaudeville act in the Royal Mt Albert Hall during Panto season, but his lying and his inability to even self reflect when caught out lying time after time after time on top of the economic misery and constant public health fuck ups caused by his incompetent Covid response have all combined to finally sink him.

He permanently mutilated the UK with BREXIT and in the end all he had was his buffoonish routine filled with all the quirks generations of toff inbreeding write off as endearing idiosyncrasies.

He’s incapable of admitting he is wrong which sums up the British Empire perfectly.

He was a clown without mirth.

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