Uffindell gets the Santamaria

Oh he’s fucked now, The media have done the Santamaria on him and dredged up any woman with an axe to grind so it can now be framed as the greatest crime against humanity…

National MP Sam Uffindell stood down from caucus while more allegations investigated

Under-fire National MP Sam Uffindell has been stood down from the party’s caucus, pending an investigation into further “very concerning accusations” surrounding his past behaviour.

In a statement late on Tuesday night, National Party leader Christopher Luxon said he had been made aware of new allegations about Uffindell’s behaviour toward a female flatmate while Uffindell was at university in 2003.

…he banged on a door 19 years ago!


The Left have gone into a virtue signalling frenzy screaming their moral superiority, this micro aggression overkill and constant vengeance fantasies for those they hate is as intense as Qanon Incels getting stood up on a date.

I can’t tell the difference between a sensible sentencing trust lynch mob or a woke lynch mob these days when it comes to revenge.

My feel is that the Left’s unforgiving overkill of this will actually turn away voters rather than recruit.

Meanwhile, issues of far greater importance are ignored while the Left get to scream their superiority.

We get it, you are all far far far far far better, and much more moral people than Sam Uffindell, what an achievement!

If only we on the Left were as good as strangling off child poverty, the cost of living crisis and housing unaffordability the way we can National MP careers for things they did 2 decades ago.

If only.

Hilariously Labour killed off the stupid 3 strikes law last night, but apparently that forgiveness doesn’t extend for 16 year old boys…

Three strikes law gone: Labour fulfils 2017 campaign promise, Nats and Act rail against move

The Government has repealed the contentious three-strikes law, and in doing so achieved for Labour a campaign promise stemming back to 2017.

…it’s more important for the activist Left to be able to scream ‘heteronormative white cis male toxic masculinity privilege’ than it is to be meaningful on climate change, inequality and poverty.

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